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Any kind of remodeling job on a new home can be both fun and taxing.

Take for instance, replacing the roof in your new home. It’s fun because it’s new and exciting and you’d have the professional from JBS Roofing to take excellent care of your project. It’s taxing because of the stress and time it takes. Due to the taxing part of it, some customers tend to rush through it. These customers tend to make sloppy choices, leaving more money off the table than on.

I have a few simple fixes for those of you who are considering doing this for themselves.

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This is a choice that some new homeowners make. The trick is not to do it. Some tend to take the “I’ll think about it later” choice for certain aspects of remodeling. Don’t do this.

Whatever choices comes up, make your choice then. It doesn’t matter if these choices are large or small. Ask your contractor for help or for input. Just make a choice when the time arises. Putting it off will only serve to hurt the process and your bank account later on.


Okay. This is going to happen. It happens to everyone. Just don’t get in the habit of changing your mind too much. I was watching one of my favorite t.v. shows the other night. The bride-to-be kept changing her mind every two seconds. It was funny, because it was happening on t.v. When it comes to a real-life home construction it’s not cool.

There is going to be time and money spent on every change you make, even with the smaller choices. Try to stick to the plan as much as possible. Every change is going to delay and disrupt all other aspects of the job too. It will also effect the people doing the remodeling.

If you want to remain on the good side of the workers and your contractor, get an idea and stick with it. I can’t stress this enough.

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It sounds like a good idea on paper, but it’s a great pain in the butt. Here’s why I say this.

It might seem like you can save money by buying the stuff yourself. This will not work. Yes, the contractor will pay for everything, then he will front load the costs onto you. This much is true. The only difference is he has connections you do not. Trust in what you are paying the guy to do. Trust that he is going to get the stuff you need at the right price.

If you buy the stuff yourself and compare the costs, you will see that your contractor will be saving you money.


This tips only works if you have kids or pets. If you don’t, then you can skip over this one. If you do have kids, pets or both, you need to listen up. The contractor and his workers will try to be considerate as much as possible, but this isn’t part of the job requirement. Remember this.

Keep the pets and kids out of the way as much as possible. Please be considerate of the job the contractor is doing for you. Respect and consideration works both ways.

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This tip works for those who are getting an extensive remodeling job done on their new home. Staying in a hotel will only add to the costs. Believe me, many have done this and found out the hard way.

You have a few options here. You can choose to live there, in spite of the mess and chaos. You can choose to leave at certain times, just to take a breather from things. You can also stay at a friend’s house.

If you do choose to stay at a friend’s house, you need to be careful here. First, check it out with the friend first. Next, only consider doing this for a brief period of time. I don’t care if this person is your best friend in the world, even best friends get on each other’s nerves at certain points. At some point he or she will be asking, “Isn’t it time for you to go back home yet?”

Look into your options carefully and make the best possible one for you. Keep in mind the idea of respect. If you are going to be staying at a friend’s home, you need to be respectful of their house and rules. I don’t care how close you are, you have to be respectful here.


The contractor and workers are there to work on your home, not be your new gossiping friend. Every second you spend talking to them, this costs money. This will reflect in your bill. Be considerate of what the person is there for.

The person might say hi or hello. Do not take this as an invitation to start an 3-hour conversation about “The Real World” or whatever reality show that you like to watch. leave them alone and let them do their job. They will respect you more.

Another remark to make here. Do not sit there and watch what the person is doing either. The person doesn’t need to be babysat. The workers do not need to be told what to do. Some clients have done this in the past. Please do not do this.

The contractor and his co-workers are experts in this field, you are not. You will be considered a irritating distraction, nothing more. Leave them alone.